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Promoting properties inside BizTalk is quite common task, after all back bone of BizTalk’s underlying routing infrastructure Publish-Subscribe is based on property promotion. There are tons of articlespublished in the web explaining this concep

Properties get promoted within BizTalk at different places, Example: some of the properties gets promoted by Adapters, Pipelines Components, Messaging Engine etc,etc. In custom pipeline components ,developers can use either IBaseMessageContext.Write to write context properties or IBaseMessageContext.Promote to promote context properties. The basic difference between writing and promoting (aka distinguished and promoted) properties are, properties that are written cannot be used for message routing, whereas properties that are promoted can be used for message routing. (There are quite few other important differences, but they are not relevant for this article).


The syntax for promoting properties within Orchestration is

Message(PromotedPropertyName) = value;


MSG_OUT_PERSON(HTTP.ContentType) = “text/xml”;

this is the only direct option available within an orchestration…

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