Better Together – Digitale Transformation braucht Teamplayer

Mittelständische Unternehmen stehen vor spannenden Herausforderungen. Sie müssen den technologischen Wandel forcieren, der gleichzeitig nach einer neuen Innovations- und Firmenkultur verlangt. Beide Aspekte behandeln wir in unserem Workshop zu dem wir und unsere Partner Sie sehr herzlich einladen.


Property Promotion inside Orchestration

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Nut's Note:
Promoting properties inside BizTalk is quite common task, after all back bone of BizTalk’s underlying routing infrastructure Publish-Subscribe is based on property promotion. There are tons of articlespublished in the web explaining this concep Properties get promoted within BizTalk at different places, Example: some of the properties gets…

Integration Project Pre-Development Documentation

One of the most challenging part in BizTalk projects is the documentation, resp. specification, of the architecture and the design. The fundamental importance of documentation cannot be overstated.
I was using the UML notation for documentation of .NET applications and tried to use it for integration projects as well. Since there is too much information in the UML stencils not needed for a quick overview and basis for discussions I decided to design some easy to use shapes.

Configuring IIS SMTP Relay with Office 365 Account

For my developer machines, I need a smtp server to test logging, monitoring and notification for the inSyca Suite.
Here I show you the steps to install and configure the IIS SMTP Server with an Office 356 account. I like this approach because I do not have to configure the credentials for the account in a „.config“ file. In the local configuration files I can setup everything with the SMTP part pointing to the localhost.

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